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French Start-up Beautigloo Unveils Tomorrow’s Beauty Innovations at #CES2024


French Start-up Beautigloo Unveils Tomorrow’s Beauty Innovations at #CES2024

Beautigloo (, a pioneer in beauty technology, is set to take beauty routines to the next level with the launch of its exclusive innovations in the US.

With an established clientele that includes prestigious names such as Dior and Shiseido, the start-up unveils a brand-new patented beauty fridge and face massage tools at CES 2024.

Top Quality-Devices and Tools to Revolutionize Beauty Experiences!

The highly anticipated event is scheduled for January 9th-12th at the 60801 – Eureka Park at CES, where Beautigloo’s latest beauty innovations will be showcased.

From cosmetic fridges to state-of-the-art face massage tools, Beautigloo is set to captivate audiences at CES 2024.
“Our mission has always been to redefine beauty through innovation. CES 2024 gives us the opportunity to introduce the world to our latest advancements, which we believe will set the tone for the future of beauty technology.” said Clara Lizier, Chief Executive Officer at Beautigloo.

A Silent and Made in France Beauty Fridge that Keeps Cosmetics at the Perfect Temperature.

One of the key highlights of the presentation is the unveiling of LITE, a revolutionary beauty fridge designed to extend the shelf life of cosmetics and enhance their performance. LITE’s cutting-edge technology is founded on a patented and silent cooling system, maintaining an optimal temperature of 50°F without introducing humidity.

At Beautigloo, we believe that beauty products deserve the best care to deliver optimal results. The LITE represents a breakthrough in cosmetic storage, offering an elegant and effective solution for keeping beauty products at their peak.” said Florian Menard, Chief Technical Officer at Beautigloo.

Environmentally Friendly Jewels of the Beauty Industry.

Beautigloo’s commitment to sustainability is prominently displayed in the design of eco-friendly beauty solutions.

Indeed, their devices are engineered with energy-efficient technology, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint while delivering exceptional performance.

Designed and manufactured in France, Beautigloo’s top-quality products incorporate advanced technologies to meet the highest standards, providing connoisseurs of beauty with masterpieces that elevate beauty routines to new heights.


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