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Benefits of Passing Microsoft MS-700 Exam And Procuring Related Certification

Benefits of Passing Microsoft MS-700 Exam And Procuring Related Certification


Benefits of Passing Microsoft MS-700 Exam And Procuring Related Certification

If you want to become a Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate specialist, then you will need to pass the Microsoft MS-700 exam. This test, in particular, validates your skills in configuring, deploying, and managing the Microsoft Teams environment. In addition to checking your technical abilities on using the Microsoft Teams tools to improve communication within the organization, such an exam also helps specialists add an international certificate under their belt. Microsoft is an international vendor that benefits from a solid reputation and popularity. Thus, recruiters will always prefer a Microsoft-certified candidate as they can be sure that his/her skills have been thoroughly tested. Still, apart from attracting the recruiters’ attention, passing the Microsoft MS-700 test can bring many other benefits that are highlighted .

Advantages You Obtain if You Pass MS-700 Exam

Before delving into the benefits of passing the MS-700, let’s get to know the official exam particularities. Thus, the Microsoft MS-700 test is available in the English language and doesn’t have any retirement date. In the official evaluation, the candidates will need to answer different questions that focus on validating their skills in planning and configuring the Microsoft Teams tool. Also, through this test, examinees will consolidate their knowledge of managing meetings, calling, and chat functions. Another key objective is demonstrating competency in managing apps and Teams policies. Well, apart from helping the candidates gain in-depth knowledge of the before-mentioned areas, the real evaluation will bring different other advantages too, :

  • Representing the valid proof that your skills have been thoroughly verified

There’s no doubt the Microsoft MS-700 exam is quite difficult. The candidates will go through different types of inquiries that will verify their knowledge of planning and configuring the Microsoft Teams features. Also, the candidates who manage to get the passing score in a test like this will earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate certification. In the recruiters’ view, a certified candidate is a reliable specialist whom they can trust to involve in complex projects.

  • Consolidating your position in the organization

If you already work in an international organization and want to advance in your career, then taking the Microsoft MS-700 is a smart move. Your managers will acknowledge you as a trustworthy individual with whom they can work to secure the transition from Skype for Business to the Microsoft Teams tool. Also, as you will go through an in-depth training process to pass the MS-700 certification test, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge with your colleagues. Thus, you will consolidate your position in your department and be acknowledged as an expert in your .

  • Increased chances to get a higher salary

Managers and stakeholders appreciate the employees who are interested in leveraging their skills in different domains. Therefore, a candidate who passes the Microsoft MS-700 test and obtains the associated certification will be recognized as a hard-working member of the team. This success increases the certified employees’ chances to receive a higher annual salary or incentives. Indeed, the stakeholders appreciate the employees’ efforts for gaining knowledge of a certain topic and can offer an annual salary of $63,500 to certified Teams Administrators as given by ZipRecruiter.


Apart from earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate certificate, the MS-700 exam also brings many other benefits to successful candidates. This international certification helps you attract the recruiters’ attention, consolidate your position in the organization, and improve your chances to earn a higher salary and various bonuses.


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